«Med hjertet for Jesus»

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Denne uka har Herøy Frikyrkje hatt besøk av en glad og entusiastisk gjeng ungdommer fra Ungdom i Oppdrag sin skole i Ålesund. Skolen er internasjonal, all undervisning foregår på engelsk. Gruppen som har besøkt oss går musikksporet og er fra Canada, USA, Danmark, Sverige og Norge. I løpet av uka deltok studentene på konfirmantsamling både i Herøy Frikyrkje og i Herøy Kyrkje, de ledet lovsangskveld, hadde ansvar for ungdomssamlinger og underviste på Møre Ungdomsskole.

Studenter fra Ungdom i Oppdrag har hatt praksis hos oss denne uka. Her samlet etter lunsj hos pastor Erhard.

Ungdommene som besøkte Herøy sendte oss denne hilsenen:

“We come from a school connected to Youth With a Mission (YWAM) where we spend nine months together in a Disciple Training School (DTS). The goal for our school is to be trained as missionaries who know God and wants make Him known. In the end of the school we have a two-month mission trip where we use the things we have learned during our training time. And within the nine months we do a smaller outreach around the area of Ålesund. The goal of this trip is to be a part of the local christian groups and help them, join in the ministries they do and share what we have learned about God.

We as a team asked to join you here in Fosnavåg, and participate in school lessons about missions and facilitate a place where people can worship Jesus.

It has been nice to come to a place that was so open to having us and hosting us. Everyone we met have been really kind and excited to meet us and have us. And the children where great to play with. We have just been really blessed. The place we stayed at was very peaceful and beautiful. We have amazing food at different places with different people, and also had the time to prepare and just be by ourselves. It’s been a really good to be here!

Ungdom i Oppdrag hadde ansvar for konfirmantsamlinga.

At the same time as we serve your community, we are also getting a bit of an impression of what a longer outreach would look like, because we are doing similar things as we will do on the longer outreach. We meet people we have never met before. We go to a place we haven’t been to before. We share stories about our lives that we maybe have never shared before. Being able to experience what it’s like to be on a mission trip is so important to our training and the growth we will need to be confident and excited about a longer term outreach in the end of the year, and possibly throughout the rest of our lives.

We have loved being able to be a part of the church in Fosnavåg and are so thankful to meet the wonderful people within the church. This is an major week for us to learn and gain assurance that God is in control of our mission trips and ministries we are involved in. Thank you so much for having us and hopefully we are able to return!”